With our eyes to the future...Sullivan Bros. is acutely aware of the need to respect and to protect the environment on each and every project. Sullivan Bros. has implemented policies and procedures that maintain cost effectiveness while meeting and exceeding the ever-increasingly stringent standards for environmental protection.

...Sullivan Bros. meets deadlines. Milestone dates are crucial within the construction industry. The availability of an operational project within its temporal budget insures success for both the client and the contractor.

...Sullivan Bros. proclaims safety as a primary goal. The complexity of most construction projects requires strict adherence to safety rules and relevant OSHA regulations. Our concern for safety is evident in our outstanding records.

...Sullivan Bros. values each individual employee. Sullivan Bros. has grown rapidly since our inception in 1990, and our dedicated employees have proven to be our greatest asset. The teamwork and experience born of individuals working together over a period of time is a key factor in maintaining quality production and growth.

...Sullivan Bros. is committed to quality construction. Our properly trained crews, maintenance of equipment, attention to details, quality materials, and respect for the environment insures our reputation for quality service and construction.

With our eye to the future, Sullivan Bros. promotes productive interaction between private developers and local, regional, and national government agencies.