Site Development: The secret to our success as a site contractor for some of the top home builders/developers in the United States is twofold:

Build the project...within the clients’ budget,

and...within the clients’ schedule.

These goals are achieved by working efficiently, with maximum productivity, with the minimum of errors—do it quickly, do it properly, do it once! Sullivan Bros. combines these talents with a genuine concern for our clients’ success and an open mind for value engineering. Our clients are served; our business repeats!




U.S. AIR FORCE - Cape Canaveral

Sullivan Bros. was charged with the installation of a new deluge system for SLC36A and SLC36B, the Atlas launch complexes at Cape Canaveral Air Station, for the U.S. Air Force. This project entailed the construction of more than two miles of 30 inch ductile iron pipe and appurtenances, including pressure sensing valves, surge tanks, backflow preventers, and tie-ins. Critical tie-ins were made at both launch pads and at the master pump station. All of the work had to be scheduled around “No-dig” days for the space center and with the utmost care for existing utilities and communication lines. Operations of the entire space program, including Shuttle launches, could be impacted by service interruptions. The deluge project was completed by Sullivan Bros. on budget, on time!


Disney's Celebration

Celebration is a complete city Disney is building near Orlando, Florida, and Disney’s ongoing development and expansion imposed tight time schedules. Sullivan Bros. excels at working efficiently and can accommodate even the most difficult time constraints imposed by our clients. In order to complete the drainage and sewer systems on schedule, Sullivan Bros. has utilized the knowledge and teamwork of our experienced crews to exceed production requirements. Teamwork within our organization and teamwork with our clients is a hallmark of Sullivan Bros.




Conroy Road

High density city traffic, large diameter drainage pipe, and Florida DOT construction regulations demand the highest level of skillful and safety conscious workmanship. The Conroy Road/I-4 Interchange project in Orlando, Florida, presented the challenge; Sullivan Bros. provided the solution. Production estimates were doubled while maintaining excellence in construction and safety standards




NASA - Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral remains at the forefront of the United States Space Program. However, much has changed technologically since the inception of the Mercury Program at SLC37 (Space Launch Complex 37) with the original Seven Astronauts. Technological advancements by NASA and the commercial space industries have spawned the development of the EELV (Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle) Project and the complete rebuilding of the historic SLC37. Sullivan Bros. is proud to have the confidence of Raytheon and Boeing to participate in the reconstruction of SLC37. It is with the highest level of responsibility that we contributed to the redevelopment of this complex and directed our efforts toward the integrity of the future space programs.




Patrick Air Force Base

Whether it is new construction or the updating of an existing facility on a military base, each project has its own unique set of challenges. The Pararescue Training Facility at Patrick Air Force Base was such a job. As a contractor on a military base, Sullivan Bros. must exercise vigilance for the multiplicity of existing utilities, communication lines, and petroleum lines that have been installed in years past. We at Sullivan Bros. are cognizant of the problems that any interruption to existing facilities could cause in the ongoing operations of the base. Our production was tempered with due caution for the owner’s interest, and the project was completed without any interruption or downtime to existing services.




City of Cocoa

Improving the overall storm water drainage and storm water discharge in the quaint coastal town of Cocoa was the intent of this project. The high profile of this project elicited an article in the Cocoa News. The Cocoa News quoted John Fayes of the Cocoa Engineering Department, who inspected the installation of a 72 inch storm drainage system by Sullivan Bros.:

“These guys are real pros. This project has gone smoother than any job I’ve ever seen.”




Oakland Park

The City of Oakland Park, Florida, entrusted Sullivan Bros. with an experimental environmental project to clean up storm water from highway runoff. Drainage into the Everglades and the many lakes, canals, and rivers in Florida has come under much scrutiny. Many new environmental laws are being passed by the Federal and State Governments to insure the quality of surface water and the Florida Aquifer. This pollution cleanup project was the first of its kind to be built, and it is being studied for implementation in other areas. Sullivan Bros. is committed to being curators of our environment. We have stayed in the forefront of environmental technology, and we are often called in for soil remediation and soil excavation projects. Standards are constantly updated, and each project has its unique set of needs. It is with pride that we align ourselves as caretakers for Mother Earth.





Town of Palm Beach

Sullivan Bros. specializes in difficult projects in South Florida, which is acknowledged as having some of the toughest soil conditions in the United States. The repeated changes in soil composition between clay, silt, sand, muck, rock, and coral, and the constant intrusion of water continually challenge our skills and create the need for innovative procedures above and below the water table.